What the Pho?

What is Pho?

Pho noodles soup (pronounced ‘fuh’), a delicious Vietnamese soup packed with spices, fresh herbs and rice noodles. Sounds simple, yet the taste is anything but.

Complex flavors. Healthy ingredients. Some believe the Pho noodles soup originated in the 1920s in Vietnam as a marriage of French-style cooking and local Vietnamese ingredients. Traditionally, the broth takes 4 to 7 hours to prepare, meaning no two Pho noodles soup are alike. Not surprisingly, it’s often said that great Pho noodles are considered ‘soul food’.

If you venture the local food stalls in Vietnam in the early mornings, you’re guaranteed to smell the distinct flavors of the Pho noodles broth and see people hunched over their big bowls of Pho soup. But Pho noodles are not just for breakfast anymore. Today, there isn’t a set time for Pho soup. One bowl of Pho could be a full meal or a convenient snack. After tasting our Happy Pho, don’t be surprised if a craving sneaks up on you mid-day or in the middle of the night.